Employers need access to diverse labour skills. Manitoba IEC aims to equip employers to identify and integrate the unique strengths that newcomers bring to the Manitoba labour market.

Our mission is to identify and promote Manitoba-based employer best practices for the hiring and retention of newcomers.

  • To connect employers to information and networks that will improve their ability to effectively hire and retain skilled newcomers
  • To increase employer access to newcomer talent
  • To provide employers with onboarding tools, resources, and models that improve outcomes for employers and newcomer employees
  • To develop more culturally competent staff for an increasingly diverse workplace
  • To foster synergies and develop innovative solutions by networking and collaborating together


Podcast on introduction of Manitoba IEC
Learn more about Manitoba IEC by listening to our podcast on how we work with the employers to identify, hire and retain newcomer workforce

Webinar on hiring and onboarding newcomer employees
An engaging webinar on made-in-Manitoba models and hear the success stories from the Industry leaders

Employer Webinar Series – Solutions for Immigrant Recruitment and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Presentation-Patricia Montalvo:Work in Manitoba Portal
Presentation-Kristina Akpalo:Federal Pathways for immigration to Canada
Presentation-Linda/Ana Maria: ISO 30415 Framework for Diversity,Equity & Inclusion

Virtual Employer Networking Event-20231129_110637-Meeting Recording.mp4 (sharepoint.com)
An engaging session of Manitoba employers of newcomers where they shared about their success, challenges and also expanded their network

Newcomer Settlement Resources for Manitoba Employers

Employer Webinar Series – Immigrant Attraction Opportunities for Employers
Presentation-Lara Dyer:Refugee Immigration Pathways
Presentation-Stevens Niamien:CDEM Overview and Support to Francophone Community