Employers need diverse skillset and talent, and we want to assist them to recognize the unique perspectives immigrants has brought to province.  

We assist employers to foster diverse and inclusive workplaces.  

Our goal is to enhance employers’ access to newcomer talents, enabling them to leverage diverse skills and abilities for a more inclusive workplace. 

  • To increase employers access to newcomer opportunities that utilize the skills and talent they bring to the province 
  • To decrease barriers to credential recognition
  • Onboard employers with ideas in hiring newcomers 
  • Build more culturally competent staff 
  • Increase local and global talent connection thereby allowing more people access to Manitoba 
  • Foster synergies and develop innovative solutions 
  • Enable newcomers identify and secure a fulfilling career to unlock their maximum potential
  • Promote the made in Manitoba employer success stories  
  • To assist employers, bridge the gap in foreign credential recognition


Podcast on introduction of Manitoba IEC
Learn more about Manitoba IEC by listening to our podcast on how we work with the employers to identify, hire and retain newcomer workforce

Webinar on hiring and onboarding newcomer employees
An engaging webinar on made-in-Manitoba models and hear the success stories from the Industry leaders

Employer Webinar Series – Solutions for Immigrant Recruitment and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Virtual Employer Networking Event-20231129_110637-Meeting Recording.mp4 (sharepoint.com)
An engaging session of Manitoba employers of newcomers where they shared about their success, challenges and also expanded their network